My God, My Man

Coming Winter 2021

In My God, My Man, Sandra Leslie White takes us on an unexpected journey to find true love.

Why did I write this book?

As a woman who appeared to have it all together on the outside, I lived most of my life with a shattered heart held hostage on the inside. It wasn’t until my world came crashing down that I accepted an invitation from the Creator of the universe to put it back together again. Resting on a beach in South Texas, God spoke to me as I read one chapter of the Bible. It was written thousands of years ago by an obscure Old Testament prophet named Hosea. God said in Hosea 2:16,

“You will call me Ishi, my man, and no longer call me Baali, my master.”

I thought to myself, “I have been looking for my man all of my life!” Over the next five years, I followed the lead of God, my man, through the painful process of letting go of the past, and taking hold of the future. This message from God is not a hidden treasure. It is for any woman, anywhere, anytime, whose heart has been ravaged by the realities of life with fallen men in a fallen world.


All about my book – My God, My Man

My God, My Man is the true story of God, “Ishi”, who commands the attention of your brokenness and removes any unnecessary dependency on men. He will clear your thinking, renew your mind and empower you to truly love him and the people he has given you to love. You will want to know Ishi as you embrace him for who he really is...your man. My God, My Man will be available in the Winter of 2021. Pre-Order Now! With the button above

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