As a Coach

As a licensed minister and missionary to women, I have spent the last 30 years working with
women and the issues we face in our world today.
Perhaps the one thing we all have in common as one point in our lives is:
A broken heart.
Whether that came early as child abuse, or late in life with an unfaithful spouse, they are
many instances in between both atrocities that cause our hearts to break.
In my own healing journey, I have overcome what I consider the three main atrocities for a
When I began to study the healing process found in Hosea Chapter Two, I knew this gift was
not only for me, but for thousands of women who are hurting across America, and the
world. With the divorce rate and the rise of sex trafficking in our own back yard, I decided
we need to expose and heal from three of the primary root causes of such pain. I call them
the three Ps of pain:
I developed a 12-week comprehensive, interactive program for women to face and
overcome these issues and the pain hidden behind them titled:

My God My Man
Discovering Divine Healing for Heartbreak
A Twelve Week Journey through Hosea Chapter Two

This program is divided into three sections covering four weeks each in Hosea 2:14 - 23

Spiritual Renewal: Loving God

Week One: Romantic Resume
Week Two: Intimacy with God
Week Three: God’s Idea of a Husband
Week Four: Discovering Your Life Verse

Emotional Renewal: Loving Yourself

Week One: Evaluating Your Emotional Health
Week Two: Renouncing the Lies
Week Three: Receiving the Truth
Week Four: The Power of Forgiveness

Physical Renewal: Loving Your Life

Week One: Health and Fitness
Week Two: Embracing Your Beauty
Week Three: Determining Your Destiny
Week Four: Writing Your Romantic Resume
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